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fevereiro 26, 2014


childhood memories
This drawing has a very sad story. On the left is mini me, imagine me with my new red straw hat! Can you picture it? It was gorgeous! In my city it was this kind of park that had animals. Oddly enough some of them where monkeys. I went to see the monkeys, but either I got to close or the monkey was as curious as me. So he stole my red hat and ATE IT!! I was so sad.
The experience was so strong that for years I didn't where any kind of hat.


favourite thing
I remember this day... who would tell that after months of avoiding going to Lisbon (for various reasons) I actually would start to enjoy go there! I have this thing about crowds... I don't feel good around them, so I avoid them. But before that even started I actually enjoy my subway rides. Specially because it was perfect to sit or just stand still and watch people around me. Just watch people behaviour. It always helped me clean my mind.


broken promises
Everyday I go to bed (and because it's always after midnight) I say to myself today I will wake up early. Yeah... about that most of the times it doesn't happen... (unless I have an appointment with someone, then I will rise and shine... but I fail if the appointment is just with myself).


Did you ever notice how most of the fruit nowadays as a brand?
Sometimes it seems that everything is branded. and that's a thought to think about more profoundly another time.

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2 comentários

  1. Acordar cedo e tomar um pequeno almoço repleto de frutas é quase sempre a mlehor forma para mim de começar o dia, principalmente se a juntar a este mix estiver aquele sol morno do inicio da manha.
    Já a sonhar com o mês de Abril e Maio.

    With love,
    The pink lemonade

    1. Eu luto um bocado com o acordar cedo, mas tento fazê-lo o máximo possivel! ;)
      Como hoje, que começou um dia radiante, até já tive pássaros a cantarem aqui à janela.

      a outra mafalda