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fevereiro 02, 2015

Since last year I'm a participating member of Torres Toastmasters.
Toastmasters if you don't know it's an international organization where people can develop public speaking and leadership skills. Since last year there is a club in my hometown and I'm part of it.

As a designer and illustrator I've been creating a few posters now and then for the club.
Today I would like to share two of them.

The first one is the most recent I've created. It's Carnival and Love related, because in the 16th we are going to have a special session about both things.
I confess that I've struggled a lot to do this poster. I think it shows a bit. I'm not feeling particular in the carnival mood, neither in a romantic mood. But oh well, I've figured that two masked figures with hearts would to the fix... for now.

Back in September we've done another special event, this time about grape harvest and the art of wine producing. Since it was an outdoor event I try to give a look like it was a picnic. I actually had a lot of fun creating all the little details of this poster. Although I've struggled a little with the ammount of text it was necessary to held.

And finally the third poster is Torres Vedras related, it has our iconic castle and course our famous dessert bean pastries. It's the regular and also the image of the club, and where we announce the dates of our events.

They are all very different and fun to explore.
I hope you like them!

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