Coffee & Shopping cart | Pattern #10 & #11

março 18, 2015

Coffee & Drinks | #10

I've been thinking in creating more patterns, but with all the changes in Nuts for Paper I haven't been able to create much. 
I struggled a lot when choosing the colours for this patterns. I have this tendency for blue and blue, and more blue. I still used blue, but my first urge was to use blue as the background colour. 
In the end I liked the end result, but if I ever make it for a Nuts for Paper notebook I think it needs a little something... maybe a tag or something along those lines.

Shopping Cart # 11

In this one I've try it to keep as neutral as possible, but with a big pop of colour. I'm seeing myself adapt this pattern to create a shopping list. Personally I would change the background for a blueish colour, but for reason I really like the pink in this pattern!

What's your thoughts on these patterns?

*I hope this week get back to normal schedule on posting this challenge, and not be two weeks late again.

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