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Trying acrylics...

Last week (before I got sick and barely leave the house) I got some acrylic paints.
These are really tiny ink containers (20g) - below you can see the colours that I fell in love with. I also choose colours that could work with the acrylics that I already own.
On next night I thought it was time to try them and that was what I came up with.

Conclusion - it's been awhile since I paint with acrylics and watercolours, it's easier to use them when you use them regularly. Practice makes you know the medium that your using. For sure it's something to keep using.

Forever trusting Who we are and nothing else matters

Lately I've trying and playing a little with my watercolours. In this case I was trying to use some shadows. I messed up the face (and I'm not even mention the hands) but the sweater looks how I wanted it to look and I really like the typography message.
Not all drawings are a success but I'm ok with that. (or at least I should remind myself of that).

Daily Drawing Challenge - 31 Things to draw | 1-10

During the month of January I'm doing a Daily Drawing Challenge - 31 Things to draw with themes by the artist Lisa Congdon. I may not be doing them daily, but they are great drawing exercises. They make you draw things that you otherwise wouldn't draw. I choose a Kuretake fine black marker to use during this challenge. In the beginning of the challenge I only use marker, but in the last days that I'm showing today, I started to use some pencil before using the marker. It's the way I feel more comfortable to draw.

1. Tree

2. Teacup

3. Chair

4. Leaf

5. Rose

6. Sneaker

7. Pitcher

8. Cat
I didn't like the simple cats that were suggested to draw. From this sheet this was the only one that I liked.

9. Bird

10. Mushroom

Looking back | Illustration

My first illustration of 2016!

This year I want to focus on creating more illustrations.
Two years ago I tried to draw every day, last year I wanted to create a pattern for each week of the year. I failed both times. Probably because after a certain time I didn't make more time to commit to these challenges. It reached a point that I was so behind that I couldn't be bothered to continue.
So this year I want to make it different. I want to draw something new every weeks of 2016. It can be a scribble, a drawing or a finished illustration. It doesn't matter if it's work or a personal illustration. I just want to draw.

Materials used in "Looking back" Illustration
Copic Ciao E35, E53, E11, E00, B18, R17 and W-1
Kuretake (or ZIG) brush writer in light grey
Kuretake Fine black marker
0.1 Fine liner (black marker)
White gel pen