A mostrar mensagens de Março, 2012

Scribble'11 | Blue Balloon

Scribble'11 | Ridders on the Storm

Sketchbook'11 | Little Alice

Scribble'11 | Ouvi dizer que

Scribble'11 | You can do it

Sketchbook'11 | Be

Sketchbook'11 | Rocketman

Scribble'11 | Doll

Blabla blabla - what?

Sketchbook'11 | Nothing is quite like it seams

Illustration'11 | e se um dia fizesse uma tatuagem?

Ilustração'11 | You never know how strong

Sketchbook'11 | Record of a lovely evening

Sketchbook'11 | Baby black Ballon

Sketchbook'11 | I draw, you draw

Sketchbook'11 | You're hot, you're cold

Sketchbook'11 | While others work

Sketchbook'11 | Listening to the music

Selfportrait'11 | Sipping some Cappuccino