A mostrar mensagens de 2013

Waiting for the fall to come

Pattern VIII

Sketchbook \\ Roda viva

Sketchbook \\ Contemplative Girl

Sketchbook \\ Do what you love

Dreamcatcher girl \\ A Moça Espanta-Espíritos

Sketchbook \\ there's something about the sea

Sketchbook \\ just like yesterday

Sketchbook \\ Staring into the void

She's got Soul

Sketchbook \\ She's got soul

The Fruit Girls Series \\ Kiwi Girl

Strawberry Girl

The Fruit Girls Series \\ Watermelon Girl

New Series of Illustrations \\ Fruit Girls

Illustration | Like O, Like H - OH!

Chubby wishes Happy Birthday!

Lady of the Night Butterflies

Umbrella Self

8th - Women's Day

The Ghost of me

Love will tear us apart

wandering... lost inside my mind

What's up Doc? - Bunny Lady

{never} turn your back on love

Still thinking about summer

Girls night out..

Sleeping Beauty

It's never late to start to think about summer

Sketchbook'13 | 03.02

Sketchbook'13 | In the mists of blue

Sketchbook'13 | 02.02

Sketchbook'13 | Primeiros desenhos do Ano

2013 | bring in the new

2013 | bring in the new