'07 | Crown, Self and Swinging

novembro 09, 2011

I want to start with some old drawings that I still like

Thorn Crown by ~maf8 | My love for you is like Thorn Crown to me 

Thorn Crown (very bad draw) symbols the pain that love's make. " Love hurts "
The heart represents the love that still exist. It's big heart, cause it's still are a lot of love to give.
Sad/Painful face well represents feeling the pain, but simulate it a little, to the others don't see it to much.
The Blue Lotus represents the start of something new, the start of letting go the pain, and start a new life, new feelings, new thoughts.

Self Portrait by maf8 | Pencils, collage and photo reference

Swinging in the moonlight by ~maf8 

"Swinging in the moonlight
to here and there
thinking what to say to you
thinking about you
and when I see you again.
I look to the moon
I feel doom of thoughts
so much I said to you
so much I gave to you
and you don't even look at me.
The wind swing me
my dress moves i he's sweet complain.
I do not move.
You walk away and leave me behind.
Behind and alone,
alone with the moon.
I remember you in the dreams I had.
I smile.
Maybe I didn't love you,
Just the image of you."

(Ignore the real bad typography of the poem in portuguese, I didn't have some notions that I have today)

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