Giggles Illustration [044/365]

fevereiro 14, 2014

And because today is valentines day, I though it was the right time to share again the illustration I did for Giggles!

Edit: I found this challenge over Ana Luísa blog - Doce para o meu Doce. I already knew Giggles (and thought it was awesome). In a heart bit I was sending them an email (it was the deadline for participating).
For me it was such a great challenge. I suck for romance, and romantic couples. But I don't draw enough couples.
One of my guilty pleasures is erotic illustration/comics (such as Manara among other names).
This was the perfect change to challenge myself into something a little bit more naughty! (Thought I made more nice than naughty).
I considered other paths when illustrating, but something that Ana Luísa said kept echoing in my head - she talked about how the GiggleSutra could be a couple way of experience things together in a playful way. This made me think that I wanted to focus on capturing a special moment, a me and you moment. An intimate moment but more than sexual, sexy and tender moment. I told you I was sucker for romance.
I also didn't wanted to go for the obvious colour scheme, but it had to have a touch of red. And since blue and red is my favourite combo for pretty much everything (for clothing to painting) it was the choice).
I wanted that the main focus would be the couple and how they look to each other, like there was no one else in the world.

Giggles is a awesome project and also super cute and unique! By the words of Ana Luísa and Cíntia (the compulsive dreamers behind this project)  «Your life, your moments in one memory box where you creatively storage the pictures that mean the most for you or for the people you most care about. They come in a pretty accordion, and you can easily detach them thanks to the DIY carved perforations in the folds. All you have to do is upload them to us and let us send you back your box so that you can keep it, or share it.»

About the GiggleSutra:
«One simple day, two simple girls had the idea of transforming the Kamasutra into something that could make them Giggle. They had the will and the dream in their heads, but were lacking the artistic skills to bring the idea to life.
They felt sad... and decided the GiggleSutra dream would probably have to wait, because the "IF" monster kept showing up to stop their project from coming true.
One day, as a shinning night in a white horse, their friend Fernando Mendes asked why not seeing if there would be anyone out there in the forest that could help them do it. They dreamt about it at night and in the morning, the challenge was thrown to the entire kingdom. They needed 22 brave hearted knights, and as pure magic, they appeared.
The pictures you see here, represent that we are not alone in this world, and that united, we are stronger and capable of magical things. It happens to be a box with the illustrated Kamasutra inside, but it could be anything else. This box represents help, love and care. Represents entrepreneurship and crowd funding. Means that there are still beautiful amazing people in the world. You just have to lose your fear, and reach out for them. 
Thank you to all of you who made this dream come true. 

The Giggles team:

Ana Luisa and Cíntia;
Ana Castela
André Peixoto
Bruno Gomes
Carlos Pereira
Duarte Meirinho
Elsa Martins
Filipa Areias
Gonçalo Moleiro
Joana Lírio
Laura Morais
Liliana Lourenço
Liliana Pereira
Live Sketching
Mafalda Fernandes
Margarida Madeira
Maria Santos
Mário Belém
Raquel Neves
Sofia Taboada
Susana Almeida
Tina Gomez
Vera Vinhas »

The photos below are from Giggles. You can check more of the GiggleSutra at her facebook page.

because today (like any other day) is a great day to share the love!!

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